Weekly Photo Challenge : Converge in Museum of Kumamoto University Japan


The topic of Weekly Photo Challenge for this week is talking about Converge. I have some photos of Kumamoto University Museum which describe the converge between lines and shapes from the museum buildings. I hope you like it :)

Kumamoto University Kumamoto University Museum

The main building of the former Fifth High School, now the Memorial Museum, is the symbol of Kumamoto University. The building has been designated as an National Cultural Property, along with the Chemical Laboratory, the main gate, and the Museum of the Engineering Faculty. We also preserve the tangible cultural properties of the Yamazaki Memorial Hall on the Honjo campus and the Kumayaku Museum on the Oe campus. We are planning to create the “Kumamoto University Museum,” which will consist of these buildings and artifacts. As the first step in this process, the university initiated the renewal of the Memorial Museum of the Fifth High School in 2006, and is now gathering historical documents and materials. An exhibit is currently open to the public.

museum3 museum2